Here is a list of some of the applications we have developed for our clients.

Student Information System

for the Nevada Department of Education (NDE)
Lead designer and developer for a school district application, known as ExPRESS, used to collect student information from all Nevada K thru 12 schools on a tri-annual basis. ExPRESS is used by each school district to consume student data from a variety of school level applications, confirm the integrity using various views on the data, and bundle and deliver the data for consumption at the state level. User feedback has emphasized the vastly improved user interface and processing times.

Lead designer and developer for the data collection module for the NDE state-wide application known as The Statewide Management of Automated Record Transfer (SMART) system. The application was designed to increase educational accountability, to provide student record management and transfer capacities to school and district offices statewide, and to establish an electronic repository of statewide student records at NDE. SMART provides data useful to school staff and policy makers and increases the quantity and quality of information regarding the actual status of education in Nevada. SMART provides administrative access to view, correct, approve/reject, and upload data to a data cube. A variety of reports and configurable queries provide secure access to student data, stored in the cube, for a large user audience including parents, teachers, NDE staff, and state politicians. A subset of the data provided by SMART is used to fulfill the requirements of the No Child Left Behind program.
Estimation System

for Fullman-Kinetics
Designed and developed an n-tier VB 6, MS Access multi-user application.

Fullman-Kinetics provides and installs large scale piping, heating, air conditioning and plumbing systems for companies worldwide. The application is used to compile estimates for new projects. An estimator can search and retrieve estimates from similar projects or build new estimates from scratch. The software will help Fullman-Kinetics create estimates that are more accurate, timely and re-useable.
Loan Analysis

for Northwest Mortgage Services Online, Inc.
Designed and developed a data driven web site,, for loan officers. The web site serves as a supplemental tool during the initial and on-going conversations between a loan officer and his potential customers. The web site enables the loan officer and loan customer to quickly configure a loan program and view a detailed breakdown of all fixed and recurring costs. Good faith estimates can be easily generated, evaluated against other loan scenarios and e-mailed. The customer also has the ability to submit a loan application using information transferred automatically from a good faith estimate. The web site includes a maintenance feature for loan officers to configure different loan programs and store customer information. Loan data can be exchanged between the web site and Calyx, another popular loan tracking tool. The web site was developed using Dreamweaver MX, ASP.NET, Javascript, Microsoft Access, CSS and Adobe Photoshop.
Integrated Marketing Demo

for MindBox™


In collaboration with the graphic design firm, "Good Dog Design", enhanced MindBox’s intelligent Mortgage Application product for launch announcements and demonstrations of MindBox products. The enhancements were made to a Java applet and a Visual Basic application. The enhancements included, improved graphic design, increased functionality and seamless integration of Java, Visual Basic and HTML components.
Wine Production Planning System

for Beringer Wine Estates

In collaboration with Beringer's development team, provided client side design and development. The application provides browser based access for tracking wine production and forecasting future wine sales.
Competitive Analysis for Oracle Project lead for development of web based analysis tool. Statistical analysis data is entered using forms created with Oracle's WebDB interface. Form data is retrieved and stored on an Oracle 8.0x database. This WebDB site is linked to other WebDB sites within Oracle's enterprise environment.

Plug in functionality for the WebDB site includes an object oriented module for tracking and displaying key significant events along a dynamically displayed timeline. This thin client technology was developed using Java 1.2 and JavaScript. The application can be run from Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator.
Probation Officer Field Application and Juvenile Reporting System

for Maricopa County Juvenile Courts
Lead developer for two applications to be used by the Maricopa County Court System. One application was created for probation officers in the field. It allows a probation officer (PO) to look up data on juveniles assigned to their caseload. This data can be stored and updated remotely. A PO can enter comments and current data regarding a juvenile visit from any remote location. Previously, PO's had to travel back to the main office (sometimes a great distance) in order to retrieve the same data that can now be retrieved from any location. This has increased efficiency and reduced overall costs. The second application was created to access legacy data from an AS/400 environment through a user-friendly, frame based (explorer) view. Over 200 juvenile reports are available with a few clicks of the mouse. This way, the user does not need to have knowledge of the AS/400 command syntax.
Mexican & Brazilian Financials

for Porvenir
Porvenir provides on-line access to financial data for Latin America. Their web-site provides fee-based services allowing access to current reports, new articles, white papers and other valuable documents associated with the Latin American markets.

Over the last two years, SSC has been involved in several projects. Each of the projects has eliminated tedious manual updates of market data with automated solutions. Various extraction and reporting tools have been provided using Microsoft Office Automation and Visual Basic. The effect of these applications has been to free up Porvenir's financial analysts from repetitive tasks, thus allowing them to concentrate on providing high quality content and commentary for their customers.
Scantron Patient Data Collection

for QuadraMed
Designed and developed an n-tier scanning application which could be used by hospitals to determine staffing needs for their patients. The data was essential in determining if patients were receiving sufficient care and that hospitals were not wasting resources due to over staffing. The application allowed the user to place a batch of cards into a hopper and start a scanner. The application would translate patient data read from scanned cards and display the information for user confirmation. The confirmation step stored the data to a main repository by interfacing with business layer objects developed by QuadraMed developers.
Installation Program For Elfin

for The Environmental Defense Fund
Provided client side installation utility for Windows 9X and Windows NT systems for power plant modeling application.
Public Storage Facility Management

for Space Control
Recruited by InStep Technologies to serve as lead architect for redesign of a public storage facility management application. Prepared detailed object oriented design specifications based on conversations with manager of development. Incorporated a structured methodology endorsed by InStep Technologies to create the architectural specifications using Visual Modeler. Provided guidance and direction to management and technical staff for future development and design decisions.
Scoring and Tracking System

for The Environmental Defense Fund
Provided initial architecture and design specifications for product analysis package. The application is used by makers of household cleaning supplies to explore alternative formulas and packaging in an effort to reduce manufacturing costs and provide products which are less harmful to the environment. Many companies, through the use of this tool, are discovering that providing green products can actually help increase profits.
Banking - 
Commercial Credit

for Bank of America
Maintained and enhanced application which consolidates data extracted from a system of records stored on a Sybase server. The application generates detailed reports of all outstanding commercial credit for a given credit taker. It is currently being used by credit officers in Bank of America branches internationally.

Co-designed object oriented implementation of existing credit reporting system in Visual Basic 4.0. Was lead developer and co-designer of a new object model. Provided technical direction for team of four programmers. This work involved leading regular meetings to discuss architecture, introduce coding standards, design object model APIs, and collect developer feedback. Responsible for coordination of objects developed by the team, as well as, passing off knowledge to full time developers at end of contract.
Power Plant Energy Modeling

for The Environmental Defense Fund
Re-designed user interface for power plant modeling application.  The new interface improved the usability of a complex statistical analysis application.  The modeling features provided by this application are used by energy management companies throughout the world to project costs, environmental impact and viability of alternative proposals for new energy plant development.
Banking - 
Document Imaging for Wells Fargo
Designed and developed client/server document imaging system for Remote Banking Operations division of Wells Fargo Bank. Responsible for database design, GUI design, and 90% of coding. Developed user friendly Visual Basic application to manage Watermark Imaging software through the Watermark API. The application can be used as a stand-alone product tied to a Microsoft Access database or as a client/server application using Microsoft SQL Server. Administered database environment on SQL Server (v 6.0) using Windows NT 3.51. Setup devices and databases, integrated security, user accounts, tables, indexes, stored procedures, and triggers. Migrated existing in-house data to SQL Server to capture customer demographics. Provided user training and support during beta cycle of the imaging product. This imaging product reduces manpower previously needed for paper filing and retrieval. It will improve the document retrieval success rate (With the manual system, many documents were lost after filing.) Customer documents are replaced by electronic images which are attached to a customer record stored in the customer database. Document images are scanned in at a rate of approximately 60 pages per minute. Users can scan, index, retrieve and print documents directly from the desktop from any client workstation (on-site or remote.) Images are stored on a high capacity image jukebox server.
Insurance for Registry Systems Senior programmer for insurance agent messaging system developed in collaboration with New York Life Insurance. Designed user-interfaces, optimized performance, converted Visual Basic 3.0 application to Visual Basic 4.0.
Financial for Barra Responsible for maintaining and processing financial data from services including: Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers and Bloomberg. Developed in-house tools using Fortran to provide summary statistics of Fixed Income and Equity data. Products were developed in VAX/VMS Fortran. Coordinated project team to generate index portfolio for monthly publication in FORBES magazine. Served as liaison between research, development and production.
Health Care - Ambulatory Surgery Centers for Surgicenter Developed client/server application to be used in ambulatory surgery centers using Visual Basic and Microsoft SQL Server. Lead designer/programmer of ODBC front-end using a state machine coded in Visual Basic. The state machine works in conjunction with the ODBC API and controls database maintenance code. It is being incorporated by development staff as the "starter code" for all data entry forms. Lead designer of GUI interfaces for surgical center data entry screens. Database design consultant to management for inventory system. Lead programmer for surgical center DOS product maintenance and upgrades. Wrote inventory system reports for final version of DOS based products in Microsoft C. Handled technical questions from customer support. Designed and developed Microsoft Access prototype to introduce a new Windows product at the annual conference for Surgery Center Administrators.